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Purchase a Personal 12 week OR 16 week Running Plan to smash your Marathon goal.

This plan will provide you guidance to train for your next Marathon race. Your plan will be personalised to begin at your current level of running fitness and designed to fit into your life-style to be as achievable as possible.

If you are an experienced Marathon athlete, a 12 week plan can fast track you to your goal. If this is your first Marathon, a 16 week plan is recommended. If you are running an Ultra-marathon, a 16 week plan is also recommended.

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What you will get:

  • Specific training plan built around your current running ability and your Marathon goal time

  • A running plan that is suited to your lifestyle based on your current obligations and commitment levels

  • Educated advice on current training paces as well as advised race pace post training plan

  • Key running specific strength exercises on how to build power and protect your body against injury (on request)

  • Mental guidance through the plan to continue to work towards your goal

  • On-going support with coach throughout plan when requested