Mental health is wealth. Of course, our physical bodies are the vessels that give us life, but to even be prepared to take care and respect the physical element of our living souls, we need our minds to be in a place that is able to consider the benefits of having a healthy body.  


Our minds are the essence of our wellbeing, and a holistic approach to health is the key to live a happy life.



For me, movement is a tool that is beneficial to both my mind and body. Running has become my form of meditation that produces the clarity required to open my heart up to a life that gives me fulfilment and purpose.


Below are my key tips to living a wholesome life of happiness:


Find the form of movement that works for you and your mind and do it regularly. This could be walking, running, boxing, yoga, surfing. Any form of exercise to raise the heartrate and disconnect from your day to day grind. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and provide you with a level of confidence that increases your feeling of self-worth.

Eat Well

I have always believed in a little of everything is good for, a lot of anything is not. Eat a well-rounded balanced diet. Include whole foods that give you natural nutrients from the earth. But don’t deprive yourself of what you love. Eat the cake every now and then, have a wine over dinner. Enjoy those moments but realize what food makes you feel good and try to focus on these.  

ABC. Always Be Chasing.

My happiness is heavily focused on my progression as a self. How I am evolving every day and learning something new about myself in each moment. Having personal goals is definitely a way to keep my mind in check and focused on what is next. It is a way to always be striving to be better, and to keep me on my journey. No matter if you’re goals are short term or long term, knowing your purpose each day is an easy way to be a peace in your head.



But I feel I am one of the ‘fortunate’ ones. To have found my form of medicine and my outlet to keeping me feel alive. Many, including people close to me, struggle with their minds and are faced with additional problems of getting the help they need when they need it. To access a professional, a mental health nurse, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, is usually an expensive appointment that many can’t even afford. Having a health insurance company like Accuro that puts our mental health first is an incredible way to stay confident in ourselves and our systems. Accuro is a New Zealand owned not-for-profit Insurance company that makes our health their priority. They are able to provide the help to those in need, and are driven to improving the mental health statistics of kiwis.  

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